FAQ and Products

Seahorse –

  • Seahorses will begin to accumulate love they reach 5 days of age.  At that point it will take roughly 6 days to reach 100% love. They must meet the age limit, and energy above 75%.
  • If a seahorse becomes starved, it will eat more food then if full.  If the seahorse reaches 100% Hunger then it will Stop breeding
  • If a seahorse has low health, it will sleep more to recover.  Health plays a roll in future breedings.
  • seahorse will die once they reached their max days lived. Around 60 days

Odyssey Products –

  • Heart – Gives a 10% boost in Love to your Pet …. Please rez and use ONE at a time. rezzing out more than One will cause a Failure in the hearts. you can only boost love by 10% at a time.
  • Crystal Shard –  Food For the Seahorse … comes in 2 sizes Small (feeds 2 seahorses for 1 week),  and Large (feeds 8 seahorses for 1 week)

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