Breeder Stores ….

Looking for New Eggs, not sure where to get some … want to start selling and make some L of your own. Well check out the places in world that have the Odyssey Seahorses and Seahorse products.

Land of Myth Hunts and Zombies – – WolverineChick Resident

  •  Seahorse eggs in vendors and on shelf
  • Food vendor
  • Custom tanks

Smile’s Seahorse Farm – – Smilemaker Mathy

  • Eggs And Lives For Sale

Kassturm – – Sturm Hellershanks

  • Stats Tracker for Seahorses
  • Egg Vendor ( to save prim and still sell your eggs)
  • Affiliate food vendor

Moonfire Island – – Ember Rhapsody

  • Eggs for Sale
  • Affiliate vendor for food/love boost

Scarlette Island –

Ngeru Markets – – Kali Christenson

  • Affiliate Vendor
  • Eggs and Lives
  • Rental areas for other breeders 1L/Prim

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