Posted by: saphireroz | May 27, 2013

Odyssey and the Home and Garden expo

Odyssey has been entered into the home and garden expo. I have been so busy getting it all set up I have forgotten to update y’all here … we have a BUNCH of things going on in odyssey. lots of changes and additions.

where to start …. hmmmm we have released the spring seahorse in both generations and they are available to purchase at the main store.


Now for the Expo LMAO … one of our very own Cennie Daines gave me the idea of getting into the expo. We have an amazing display set up with tons of information and some of the babies on display


We have also made a ONE of a kind RFL seahorse that is being auctioned off and all proceeds go to the RFL. there is also on display the RFL tank you can buy  (again all proceeds go to RFL). Included in the package for RFL is 1 one of a kind seahorse .. the winner will be the only one to have this species ..ever. 2 weeks worth of food. a special RFL tank and a one of a kind RFL ride-able seahorse.

RFLAuction package

We have also been featured  in a blog and will be up on as well.

I  want to thank each and everyone of our breeders for your continued support. 🙂  ~Saphire~


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