Posted by: saphireroz | May 27, 2013

Odyssey and the Home and Garden expo

Odyssey has been entered into the home and garden expo. I have been so busy getting it all set up I have forgotten to update y’all here … we have a BUNCH of things going on in odyssey. lots of changes and additions.

where to start …. hmmmm we have released the spring seahorse in both generations and they are available to purchase at the main store.


Now for the Expo LMAO … one of our very own Cennie Daines gave me the idea of getting into the expo. We have an amazing display set up with tons of information and some of the babies on display


We have also made a ONE of a kind RFL seahorse that is being auctioned off and all proceeds go to the RFL. there is also on display the RFL tank you can buy  (again all proceeds go to RFL). Included in the package for RFL is 1 one of a kind seahorse .. the winner will be the only one to have this species ..ever. 2 weeks worth of food. a special RFL tank and a one of a kind RFL ride-able seahorse.

RFLAuction package

We have also been featured  in a blog and will be up on as well.

I  want to thank each and everyone of our breeders for your continued support. 🙂  ~Saphire~

Posted by: saphireroz | March 21, 2013

St Patrick’s Day seahorse and Bunny Hunt

Looks Like this little Treasure was hiding from us. Deep has been to the end of the rainbow and bought back our newest Babies …. for a limited time you can find the St. Patricks Day seahorse at the main store ….  ~*Saphire*~

Don’t forget to register for the Bunny Hunt to find the exclusive Pink Ninja from Odyssey.  Only 10 days left for it to be open for the public.


Posted by: saphireroz | February 15, 2013

Valentine LE’s

Love is in the Air and Deep has found some new babies hidden in the tanks. Come on over to the main store now and pick up your 2013 Valentine LE’s available for a short time. They make perfect gifts for that special someone.
~* Saphire *~

AntiValentineBlog ValentineBlog

Posted by: saphireroz | January 22, 2013

Advertising/Marketing and Information Signs

The Parchment Signs have been Fixed so y’all can get them now … they include a group inviter, Info for your customers to get them Started in breeding … and more. . Drop by the main store and grab some today … they are on the Far wall opposite the Affiliate vendors.  The Information will update automatically any time we make a change so that your customers are always up to date.   ~* Saphire *~

Posted by: saphireroz | January 13, 2013

Winter Limited Edition

Deep has come back from the Frozen waters with a new Seahorse for all our wonderful Breeders. for a Short time you can get the Winter Limited Edition Seahorses at the Main Store. There is 1 Version for both the 2.0 and 2.1’s 🙂  As a special Gift Deep has added in 1 Weeks worth of food for y’all as well.   ~ Saphire ~

WinterAdnew WinterAdOld

Posted by: saphireroz | October 15, 2012

In honor of BCA Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I made a BCA jersey for y’all.  it is Transferable so you can pass it out to your friends if you want … also it is unisex. Jacket and Shirt Layers. You can pick it up in group notices or in the Main store. it is FREE !!!!! lol. Have a wonderful week and remember to pet your Seahorses ; )

Posted by: saphireroz | September 22, 2012

Seasonal Fall Now availible …

Hope your 1st day of Fall was a great day!  Odyssey Breedables likes to welcome you to the new special edition, Seasonal Fall, The first in the Seasonal Series.  Come down and get yours tonight.

Posted by: saphireroz | August 30, 2012

1.2 to 2.0 Egg Trade in …..

The Boxes are at the mainstore .  Please pack only 20 per box.  These boxes are copyable so you don’t need to click the top box more than once.  Please rename your Updater boxes with your Actual SL name so we can find you later.  Thank you for being apart of Odyssey Creations!

Posted by: saphireroz | May 12, 2012

Mothers Day Seahorse Now Availible

Deep Has received a very special present from her little Babies. They have given her a Mothers Day Seahorse and for a limited time you can grab one for yourself as well. Makes a perfect addition to any collection or a special gift to your Mom.

Posted by: saphireroz | April 12, 2012

Lots of new things going on

Our poor little Bunny is so tired. He hopped right into Deeps arms after a good days rest. There are 2 versions of the Easter seahorse (how else could he get eggs to all those homes 😉 ). For a limited time you can get the Easter Seahorse at any of our locations.

We have done a massive upgrade to all the seahorses due to SL servers. The current version of the seahorse is 1.2. come Saturday April 14 we will no longer support v 1.1 Seahorses.

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